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Managed Hosting & Design

Managed Hosting & Design

Here at Trinity Online Tools we want to provide the biggest bang for your buck that we can. When we decided to not only host your sites but manage them... & the servers they're on! We clearly had something unique, but our guarantee stands. You don't have to edit anything... A live chat, call, ticket, or email and we will change, add, remove, flip, rotate, anything! All while keeping your sites up-to date and secure in the background.

Weekly Backups

Server Updates

Website Updates

Security Patches

Control Panel Updates

Server Cleaning

Website Cleaning

SSL/TLS Renewal

Feature List

To the side here is a list of services included in the Managed Hosting & Design package, none of this costs extra and is done all by us here at Trinity Online Tools.

Website Changes/Additions/Removals as requested (Guaranteed within 3 business days of request)

Managed Hosting & Design

Managed Hosting & Design

Let us take care of your website and server!
or $60 if you pre-pay a year ahead!